Jihadists kill 100 civilians in Burkina Faso

Jihadists barged into a village in the West African country of Burkina Faso and waged an orgy all night. Hundreds of people were murdered here. Houses and markets were set on fire. Government spokesman Usaini Tambora said the incident took place in Solhan village in Yagha province, bordering Niger. Here the jihadists first set the local market and several houses on fire. After that people were killed in the village overnight. 

A hundred civilians have been killed in the incident. PM Roach Marc Christian has described the incident as barbaric. The government has declared 72 hours of mourning. No group has taken responsibility yet. has taken. It is believed to be the biggest attack in Burkina Faso. Incidents of violence are increasing even after the presence of more than five thousand French soldiers here. Five years ago, jihadists affiliated with Al Qaeda and Islamic State took over the West African country.