Pentagon created world's largest intelligence force: report

The US Department of Defense, the Pentagon, has created the world's largest secret army in the last ten years. This army has done some such deadly and brutal operations. Which America itself has repeatedly rejected. This claim has been made by a US-based magazine Newsweek in one of its reports. This exclusive report has been released in a US magazine titled 'Inside the Military Secret Undercover Army'. It has been told in the report that after two years of investigation, it was found that about 60 thousand people work in this intelligence army. 

Many of them have fake identities and many live in low profiles. All of its programs are broadly referred to as 'Signature Reduction'. Military Intelligence Specialists were also included in this army along with special military operations. Huh. But it is a completely illegal process. It also has an impact on military policies and cultural identity. The US Congress has never discussed this subject.