Antibody persists even after nine months of corona

A new study has been done regarding the antibodies produced in the body after being hit by the coronavirus (Covid-19). It is claimed that even after nine months of corona infection, antibodies remain at high levels in the body. This presence of antibodies has been found in both symptomatic and asymptomatic cases. This conclusion has been drawn based on an analysis of data from an Italian town. In February and March last year, researchers from the University of Padua in Italy and Imperial College London in Britain tested more than 85 percent of the town's three thousand residents for corona infection. 

These people were tested for antibodies in May and again in November last year. Nature Communications According to the study published in the journal, 98.8 percent of those found to be corona infected in February and March last year were found to have detectable amounts of antibodies in November last. In this result, which came with this antibody made against Corona, no difference was found between symptomatic and asymptomatic victims. Researcher Ilaria Dorigti from Imperial College London said, 'The finding of no difference in antibody levels between symptomatic and asymptomatic corona victims suggests that the capacity of the immune response does not depend on the symptoms and the severity of the infection.