Chinese hackers targeted State Bank account holders

Chinese hackers have tried to create trouble for the INS State Bank of India and its account holders. The hacker sent a message to the account holders to update their KYC by visiting a specific website. In return, the hacker promised to give gifts of up to Rs 50 lakh to the account holders. After that, go to the said website. There was a line of people giving confidential information related to KYC. When the bank and other agencies came to know about this, they warned the account holders of the dangers associated with it. 
 According to the Cyber peace Foundation and Autobot Infosec Pvt Ltd, a New Delhi-based organization, the State Bank had suffered two such attacks in the recent past. Most of these smartphone-using account holders came under attack. Such account holders got a message for KYC verification through WhatsApp. Along with this, there was also an online page of SBI. In the message, KYC was to be updated by clicking the 'Continue to login' button written on the online page. 

Here along with general information from the account holder, also confidential information like username and password. They were asked for and were also forwarded using captcha. After this, by sending OTP, all the information was asked to be redirected to another page. All the account holders understood that State Bank has come out with some Uphaar scheme to update KYC, so they got caught in the message.