Lack of water in Pakistan can lead to famine-like situations

It has been warned that if the problem is not resolved in time, then Pakistan will face a famine-like situation due to lack of water. Geo News has published this report of experts in detail. According to the report, alarm bells have been rung due to the drying up of the country's rivers due to less rainfall. According to sources, the per capita availability of water in the country is very low or one can say that it has reached a dangerous situation. In Punjab province, the groundwater has gone down to 600 feet. In the past, there was underground water only at a distance of fifty feet. There is a water shortage of up to 45 percent in Kharif and Rabi crops every year. Experts have said that if the construction of new reservoirs and wastage of water is not stopped in time, then the situation will reach to famine.