Muslim intellectuals of Assam agree on population control

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Sunday met over 150 local Muslim intellectuals. The Chief Minister said all agreed that population growth is a threat to development in some parts of the state. In a press conference after the meeting, Sarma said, "I met more than 150 intellectuals, writers, artists, historians, professors and others today (Sunday). We discussed various issues that the people of the minority community of Assam are facing. Everyone present in the meeting agreed to this point. That population explosion in some parts of Assam is a threat to the development of the state. If Assam is to be among the top five states of the country, then we have to deal with our population explosion. Everyone agreed on this. 

The Chief Minister said that prominent personalities suggested various measures for population control in the minority community. He said that the government has eight sub-groups in which people from the local Muslim community will be members. These subgroups will submit their report on the development of the community in the next three months. These subgroups will prepare reports on sectors such as health, education, skill development, women empowerment, cultural identity, population stabilization and financial inclusion. 

These subgroups will deliberate on all issues related to the minority community. After compiling these reports, a roadmap will be prepared for the upliftment of the minority community. Each subgroup will have a chairman from the community and a member secretary from the government. The Chief Minister also informed that the next round of meetings would be with the politicians and student organizations representing the Muslim community.