Reduced risk of serious corona infection in children

A new study has been done regarding the risk of coronavirus (Covid-19) in children. It is claimed that the risk of serious corona infection in children and adolescents is very low. The risk of death has also been found to be very low. This conclusion of the study has come at a time when the threat of a third wave of the corona epidemic is being raised. Concerns are being expressed in this wave, especially regarding children. 

 The researchers made this conclusion based on a comprehensive analysis of public health data in the UK. However, it has also been found that when exposed to the coronavirus, the infection can be severe in children who are already suffering from a disease. UK researchers from College London, the University of Bristol, and the University of Liverpool said the prevention and vaccination policy for children under 18 should be looked at. Professor Russell Wiener from University College London said, 'This new study shows that children and adolescents have a very low risk of developing severe corona infection or death.' 

According to the researchers, as of February this year in England, 251 children under the age of 18 needed to be admitted to the ICU. That is, out of 47 thousand 903 children of this age, only one infected needed to be admitted to the ICU.