States and Union Territories will get 12 crore doses of vaccine this month

The central government, which is working to speed up vaccination against the coronavirus, will provide 12 crore doses of vaccine to the central and union territories in July. Out of these 2.19 crore doses have been supplied so far. Including these the Center has given 37.43 crore doses to the States and Territories so far, out of which 1.67 crore doses are left in these as well as private hospitals.

 In a statement issued by the Ministry of Health, it has been said that on the basis of the talks with the vaccine producers, the states and union territories have been told that a total of 12 crore doses will be given to them this month. The ministry has said that every state is informed in advance about how many doses it will get in which month. Apart from this, the states are also requested to give information about them if they need more dosage. The ministry also refuted reports that there was a 32 percent drop in vaccinations in the first week of July as compared to the previous week.