Twitter appointed local Grievance officer on the way

Twitter, which is reluctant to comply with the new IT rules related to internet media, has started following almost all the major rules. Relaxing its stance, the microblogging site has also made public its Bengaluru address in India with the appointment of Vinay Prakash as the local Grievance Officer. At the same time, in the last one month, the report of compliance with the rules was also published. is. Twitter has given all this information on its website.

Two days ago, new IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnav gave a clear message to Twitter saying that the law of the country is paramount. Everyone has to believe him. On the other hand, on Sunday, Vaishnav reviewed the new IT rules. Joining native internet media platform Ku, Vaishnav said that the new IT rules are going to empower users and protect them and these rules will help a responsible internet media in India. The atmosphere will be ready.