PUBG 2 Release Date and Features revealed!

The discussions about the release of PUBG 2 are going on in full swing but no official statement has been released regarding its release yet. PUBG Studios recently announced the PUBG Free to Play version which is starting from January 12, 2022, but according to some media reports it is also being said that PUBG Free to Play version and PUBG 2 means the same. it is almost certain that PUBG 2 is the PUBG f2p variant.

Recently, PlayerIGN took to its Twitter handle to share some images of some new urban map Kiki which is going to be released in the free-to-play version of PUBG, and also the pictures were shared officially by PUBG Studios via PUBG Partnership Programs. Today in this article we are going to share with you the list of some expected features to be released in PUBG 2.

PUBG 2 Expected Features

1) Tactical gears

2) 8*8 urban map

3) duffel bags

4) recon drone

5) New reworked training mode

6) New AI match mode

7) Vehicle gear up-gradation system

8) Real-time matched with bots (AI)

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