Sanitize N95 mask with electric cooker

Electric cookers can not only make many types of dishes but it can also sanitize the N95 mask. The study, published in Environmental Science and Technology Letters, reported that the N95 mask was kept in dry heat for 50 minutes in an electric cooker, which not only disinfected it inside and out but also caused some damage to the filter not done.

Vishal Verma, a researcher at the University of Illinois at the US, said that there are many different ways to disinfect any mask, but most of them cause the filter to deteriorate. Verma said that in any sanitation method, all surfaces of the mask will need to be disinfected, but equally important is that after sanitizing the mask its filter is completely protected and it fits perfectly on the wearer's face.

Researchers estimate that dry heat meets all three criteria and does not require any special chemicals while doing so. Verma said that he wanted to find a method that would be accessible to the people at home.
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