Biden will give citizenship to five lakh Indians

Joe Biden, who defeated Donald Trump and will be elected US President, will grant US citizenship to more than 10 million immigrants. Among the 1.1 million immigrants Biden will work to create a roadmap towards granting citizenship, there are five lakh Indians.

Biden administration to provide citizenship to 5 Lakh Indians

As stated in the document of Biden's election campaign, "Biden will immediately begin working with Parliament to pass legislation on immigration reform." Under this, a roadmap for citizenship will be prepared for 1.1 crore immigrants who do not have documents.
It includes more than five lakh immigrants from India. There is a possibility that the Biden administration will support a family-based immigration system and preserve family integration as a core principle of the US immigration system.

The roadmap that will be prepared also includes reducing the family visa backlog. With this, Biden's new administration will also work with Parliament on the fixed minimum number of refugees coming to the US every year at 95,000. It is also being said that Biden will work on a plan to increase this number to 1.25 lakhs. This will pave the way for refugees coming to America to get citizenship.
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