C4 is now available in PUBG Mobile: Watch here to use

Game For Peace got C4 as a throwable explosive, and I called it "a frag grenade with a very long fuse''. C4 has a 25-meter blast radius and causes damage through walls, but it also takes 16 seconds to detonate. The smartest way to use it by sticks it to the car and ram to the building or enemy base and the result will be huge.

Watch the video below to use C4 Explosive

Some of the PUBG PC streamers did the smartest play with C4 in their streams. Sticks to almost anything. We don’t need the remotes and the use of this explosive is very easy. Red blinking light and a beeping sound is the signal that u have 16 seconds left to run. C4 is a heavy explosive and you cannot throw as far as you can throw a grenade.

The effective damage radius is 25 meters with a lethal damage radius of 15 meters horizontally and 12.5 meters vertically. Now I think the question arises in your mind that where you can find the C4 explosive? Throwable explosive is available on the world loot or in the classic matches.

This explosive will also be available in the Care Packages. You can find this explosive in Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi and Sanhok, and livik.
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