Posts will disappear in 24 hours from micro-blogging website Twitter

Micro-blogging website Twitter launched the worldwide Fleets feature on Tuesday. Under this, the tweets will disappear automatically after 24 hours. It is just like Snapchat and the photo-sharing app Instagram. 

The tweets, photos, and videos that have disappeared by themselves have been named Fleets. The Fleets feature will not only be visible on the users' home timeline but it will also be available in the Sender's Profile. Before launching this feature, the company tested it in India, Brazil, Italy, and South Korea. 

Design director Joshua Harris and product manager Sam Havenson wrote in a blog post, "With the tweet being more public and permanent, tweeting was an uncomfortable task for some. Not only this, but there is also pressure to like and retweet. So hopefully, the Fleets will be able to express their opinions and feelings to the people.

Other users will not be able to retweet photos and videos shared through the Fleets feature. Also, users will not get the option to like and comment. However, users can send feedback on the photos and videos shared by sending a message. On the other hand, some users who use this feature have expressed their fear of online harassment.
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