Will ''PUBG Mobile India'' launch with Motor Glider Feature? Watch Gameplay here

After the release of the PUBG Mobile India, it is expected that the Motor Gliders will also be available on the game and the players will be able to fly in the air. The players are now hitting the roads on the battleground and with the availability of Motor, Gliders player can easily get the drop on the enemy squads where they are.

Motor Glider is available with two seats means two players can fly at a time. One seat is available for the Pilot and another seat is available for the passenger. The passenger will be able to shoot with the weapons available in the back seat.

PUBG MOBILE GLIDERS ARE OP | Gameplay by ShubhGamerz

If you have a speed of 70km/h you can take-off automatically. The fuel consumption of the Motor Glider is bind with the engine speed. If the speed of your jet is high, the consumption of the fuel will also be high.

For now, Motor Gliders is available on the PUBG PC and it is launched in Game for Peace recently on 19th November 2020 and available in the Erangle Map. You can fly to the maximum altitude without any limitations but if you are very high altitude your engine will start losing power.
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