Now corona patients identify easily with heart beat

When we enter any office or mall, our temperature is taken for corona screening, but a new study suggests that identifying corona patients with resting heartbeats measured at rest Is much easier. The research, published in a journal called Pattern, states that data collected with a handheld wearable device suggests that the heartbeat increases during the onset of corona symptoms.
Luca Foschini, co-founder and senior author of the research at US-based health and measurement company 'Evidence Health', said that it is surprising to see that corona screening before entering the office or mall is still based on temperature.
He said that it is quite possible that when the temperature of a person is being taken, then there is no such thing as fever and do not have symptoms. A person having a fever does not necessarily mean that he is suffering from the corona. Luca Foschini stated that increased heartbeat during rest is a more sensitive indicator of the corona.
During the study, the researchers analyzed the heartbeat, how many steps to walk, and the duration of symptoms in the flu and corona patients. Findings from the study confirm that symptoms like shortness of breath and cough are common in corona patients, but are not associated with the flu. According to Luca Foschini, data from a wearable device like Fitbit can be very useful in respiratory diseases like a corona.
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