How to Identify Hackers in PUBG Mobile?

The famous battle royale game PUBG Mobile was the highest-grossing game in 2020 and worldwide millions of PUBG fans play this game but sometimes hackers or cheaters spoil the mood of the game players. Here are the below ways to identify hackers in PUBG Mobile.
Important Note: - PUBG is banned by Indian Government. Hence users from India are advised not to download this game.
  • Hackers can see or hit through walls easily
Hackers mainly use malware to control the things of the walls in the game and can shoot through the walls. In the game, if one gets shot even while concealing securely behind dividers or inside a house, the adversary is maybe a hacker.
  • Hackers are Immortal
If a player is getting shot several times on the head or the other body parts and still survived or not out from the game, then it may be possible that they are using a hack to survive in the game. There are very less chances that a player can survive after repeated shots.
  • Hackers locomote or move very fast
If a player is moving very fast from one place to another then it might be a hacker. While away from the have zone during a pivotal influence of the interactivity, if one notices that any of their colleagues are unexpectedly inside the zone while one is knocked off external the play zone given that the whole crew began from a similar spot/time, the previous is probably a hacker.
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