PUBG Mobile New Karakin Map Coming Soon!

As PUBG players know that currently, four maps are available in the PUBG Mobile, and all maps having different locations and structures. Now it is expected that the new Karakin map is soon coming in PUBG Mobile because this map is now officially available on the PUBG PC. However, the official date for the release of the new map is still not announced officially but the sources claimed that the map will be available in PUBG Mobile by March 2021.
 Details about upcoming Karakin Map 
  • Karakin Map is the smallest map between all the four maps available in the PUBG Mobile with dimensions 2*2 
  • The design of the new Karakin map is similar to the Miramar Map 
  •  Larkin map is having many secret places to hide and bunkers and these things make the game more interesting. 
  • It is expected that the New Karakin Map will allow only 64 players at a time due to its smaller size like PUBG PC. 
  • It is also expected that players will get a new dark zone with various tunnels and new weapons. 
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