What is OP, GG, and others commonly used short forms in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile has a gigantic player base across the world and has built up another organization of in-game shortened forms and callouts that are very basic for correspondence. While these short forms are mainstream in PUBG Mobile, some of them are utilized across the esports scene consistently.

Here are some shortened forms commonly used in PUBG Mobile.
  • OP: The meaning of OP is overpowered. 
  • GG: GG represents Good Game and is normally said in the wake of finishing a match
  • FPP: FPP represents the First-Person Perspective. 
  • BP: BP means Battle Points
  • AFK: AFK implies Away From Keyboard. This is utilized when the player is away from the gadget in which the game is going on. 
  • AFM: AFM stands for Away from Mobile.
  • TPP: TPP represents Third Person Perspective. 
  • WP: Well Played
  • HP: HP used for Hit points or Health Points.
  • DC: DC stands for Disconnected and used when a player lost the internet connection or some other problems in a network. 
  • GL: Good Luck
  • BRB: BRB represents being directly back, demonstrating that the player will return some measure of time and will be dormant for a particular span.
  • IGN: In-Game name
  • TY: TY signifies Thank You. It is utilized to offer thanks to a player.
  • M8: M8 stands for mate
  • AG: Ace Gold
  • UC: Unknown Cash
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