PUBG Mobile v1.3 Top 5 Features

The new update in pubg mobile v1.3 is going to have such tremendous features and today we are going to tell you the top 10 such features which are coming with the new season. 

  • So here is a new bolt action sniper rifle Mosin – Nagant. This sniper rifle is very similar to kar98k.This gun is going to put 7.62 ammo and this brand new sniper rifle will also be found in the new map karakin but this gun spawn is more in the erangel map.
  •  Players will get the new hide helmet feature in season 18. If a player want to held the helmet for ourselves, then this feature is going to come very soon. It will only show helmets to enemies. 
  •  With the new Friend List UI lobby, this new feature allows players to easily invite and view friends, clanmates, crewmates and recent players. 
  •  Players also will get some thin walls in the new map karakin coming in season 18. If a player have not yet discovered that these walls are penetrable. Players can kill enemeies from among them. 
  •  The brand new X -suit is scheduled to arrive in the new season 18. The set is going to be named Blood raven X -Suit. This new blood raven X -Suit is going to have some new unique features.
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