PUBG MOBILE BAN PAN- Another 1,813,787 accounts banned permanently

PUBG Mobile has published the anti-cheating report on the official Instagram channel on 27th March 2021. According to the report published, 1,813,787 accounts are banned permanently and now users of these accounts will not be able to use these accounts. PUBG Mobile is using many ways to ban cheats in the game and to protect the game from hackers. 

The anti-cheating report is published from 19th March 2021 to 25th March 2021. As per the post share by PUBG Mobile on the official Twitter handle stated that "The #BanPan has struck again From March 19th-25th, we banned 1,813,787 accounts from accessing our game". According to the official statement that accounts are banned are mainly due to X-Ray vision, Auto-Aim Hacks and Speed hacks or modification of area damage. 

 Here is the percentage of banned cheats:- 

1) 19% - Modification of area damage 
2) 19% - Speed Hacks 
3) 6% - Modification of Character Model 
4) 26%- X-Ray Vision 
5) 23% - Auto-Aim Hacks. 
6) 7% - Reason not Specified 

Hers is the List of Accounts Banned:- 

1) 1% - Conqueror Tier Accounts 
2) 8% - Ace Tier Accounts 
3) 10% -Crown Tier Accounts 
4) 12%- Diamond Tier Accounts 
5) 10% -Platinum Tier Accounts 
6) 10% - Gold Tier Accounts 
7) 12% -Silver Tier Accounts 
8) 37%- Bronze Tier Accounts
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