PUBG Mobile Anti-Cheating Report: 1,498,738 accounts banned permanently

PUBG Mobile has published the anti-cheating report on the official Instagram channel on 18th April 2021. According to the report published, 1,498,738 accounts are banned permanently and now users of these accounts will not be able to access their accounts. The developers of the game are using different ways to ban cheats in the game. This is the 31st ban report published by PUBG Mobile and the report is published from 16th April 2021 to 22nd April 2021. The anti-cheating system of PUBG Mobile detects millions of accounts every week that are engaged in these type illegal activities and ban these accounts permanently.
PUBG Mobile started in the report that "Breaks? Our #BanPan never heard of them. From April 16th-22nd, we banned 1,498,738 accounts from accessing our game.

The banned accounts are mainly due to the below-given cheats in the game:-

1) X-ray Vision
2) Auto Aim Hacks
3) Speed Hacks

Here is the percentage of banned cheats:-

1) 12% - Modification of Area Damage
2) 23% - Speed Hacks
3) 7% - Modification of Character Modes
4) 24%- X-Ray Vision
5) 25% - Auto-Aim Hacks.
6) 9% - Reason not Specified

Hers is the List of Accounts Banned:-

1) 1% - Conqueror
2) 7% - Ace
3) 11% -Crown
4) 12%- Diamond
5) 10% -Platinum
6) 9% - Gold
7) 11% -Silver
8) 39%- Bronze
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