Locations to get Tesla Cybertruck in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India recently 1. 5 update releases in which ghosts have added all the exciting features. The biggest thing is that BGMI has collaborated with Tesla and has launched many Tesla vehicles, which players are very fond of. Mission ignition mode has been launched in BGMI 1.5 UPDATE, in which different Tesla vehicles are available. Many players are facing difficulty that will find Tesla vehicles at which location, so don't worry, we will tell you in this article where you can find Tesla vehicles.

Locations to fund Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI ):

  • Location 1: Farm Area

If the players of the game are searching Tesla vehicles, then they can easily find them in the farm area.

  • Location 1: Military base

BGMI players will easily get Cybertruck in the military base.

  • Location 3: Query Area

This is the 3rd and last location where players can easily find the Tesla Cybertruck. Keep in mind that players will get Cybertruck only on the open road, they do not need to search much anywhere.

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