PUBG Mobile : Get Hypnospace Diva Set by following these steps

PUBG Mobile is one of the best battle royale games and players are enjoying the features available in the game. The developers of the game are working very hard for the new features, weapons, skins, outfits and another premium item that makes the game more enjoyable and interesting. 

PUBG Mobile recently came up with the amazing set "HYPNOSPACE DIVA SET" which is based in the Hypno and Glass. This HYPNOSPACE DIVA SET is available now for purchase and players can now purchase this set by using the Redeem codes and UC.  In this article, we will provide you with the information to purchase HYPNOSPACE DIVA SET by using different methods.

PUBG Mobile HPNOSPACE DIVA SET by using Redeem Codes:-

There are different methods available in the PUBG Mobile to get HYPNOSPACE DIVA SET but one of the best ways to get t free by using the Redeem Codes by visiting the Redemption Center of PUBG Mobile however the redeem codes for the HYPNOSPACE DIVA SET is not available for the players and have to wait for more to get these codes for free.


The other way to get HYPNOSPACE DIVA SET is by using UC

How to purchase PUBG Mobile Hypnospace Diva Set?

The new Hypnospace Diva Set is now available for purchase.  If you are interested in purchasing the set of outfits and looking for a way to do it, we have covered it for you. The Hypnospace Diva Set is available in the event section where the set is available in Matrix Event. Here is a step-by-step guide for purchasing the set.

Step 1- Open Event section in PUBG and visit Matrix event

Step 2- Here you can get the set by spinning the wheel

Each spin needs to spend 60 UC, if you are lucky you will get the set by spending a few UC. If you are not getting the skin by spin you can get it through the Event shop by spending the red squares. The event will end on 12 August 2021.
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