BGMI Best Sensitivity Settings for non-gyro players and How to Apply these settings on your game

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a very cool game which is recently released for Android users on July 2, 2021. BGMI has got 46 million downloads so far and is increasing day by day considering the high-quality graphics and features available in the game. Players can purchase in-game items and Royal Passes instantly in the game using UC. We are here today to make the game more fun for you with the best sensitivity settings, which you can use to play the game professionally. The sensitivity settings add a very important role to the game, so let us discuss the sensitivity settings for non-gyro players.

BGMI Best Sensitivity Settings for Non-Gyro Players:

a) ADS Sensitivity Settings

The ADS settings are also called Aim Down Sight sensitivity settings which the players can use to improve the gameplay. You can change the sensitivity settings given below and enjoy better gameplay.

Camera Type Sensitivity
TPP No scope


FPP No scope100-120%
6x Scope20-23%
Aim Assist


2x Scope37-45%
3x Scope30-35%
4x Scope 25-30%
8x Scope10-13%     

b) Camera Sensitivity Settings

BGMI Camera Sensitivity Settings helps players to change the speed of camera angles. Players use this setting to increase and decrease the speed of their screen swipe. Here are camera sensitivity settings for pro-players.

Camera Type Sensitivity
3rd Person(TPP) No Scope


1st Person(FPP) No Scope100-180%
Red Dot, Holographic50-120%
6x Scope


2x Scope80-120%
3x Scope15-30%
4x Scope 10-25%
8x Scope5%    

Steps to Change Sensitivity Settings in Battlegrounds Mobile India

1) Open the Battlegrounds Mobile India application and click on the Settings menu.

2) Check for the sensitivity settings option and click on the same.

3) After that change the sensitivity settings and enjoy a better game.

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