BGMI : Three best locations to land for rank push in Erangle map

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a very cool game and the game has recently completed 50M downloads. BGMI developers Krafton have released the game for iOS devices and Apple phone users can download it now by visiting the Apple Store. As all the players who play BGMI know that with each new season the player's rank is also reset and the player has to push his rank to reach the higher leagues in the new season. Today we have brought some important tips for you in this article that how you can push your rank. We will tell you the 3 best places to land on the Erangle Map.

Location 1 - Yasnaya Polyana

Yasnaya Polyana is the biggest city on the Erangle map where you can land and push your rank and the best thing about this location is that if you keep track of your enemy's movement then you can get a lot of loot. Huh. The Yasnaya Polyana location has many multi-story buildings where you can easily shoot.

Location 2 - Rozhok

Rosol is a location that is located right in the center of the Erangle map. Here also Battlegrounds Mobile India players will get loot so that you will be able to push your rank easily. One thing the players have to keep in mind while landing at this location is that they should not down their guns as their opponents can be hidden anywhere. Here players will also get a lot of weapons like sniper rifles or assault rifles.

Location 3 - Georgopol City

Georgopol City is also a great location to push up your ranks as players will find weapons and armors here. If BGMI players love an aggressive gameplay, then this is the location for them.

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