PUBG Mobile Investigator Assemble: How investigator squad Ban cheaters

Hackers are a big problem in PUBG Mobile, who always cheats the game as much as they want and spoil the fun of the rest of the players. That's why the developers of the game keep bringing some new updates to ban the hackers' accounts and every week the accounts of millions of hackers and cheaters are permanently banned by the official team of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile has shared a post on its official social media handles, in which it has been said that any player who becomes a part of PUBG Mobile's Investigator Squad will be given a lot of exciting rewards. Any player who wants to be a part of this team can join this fight against hackers. PUBG Mobile has not yet shared what rewards the player will get after becoming a part of this team. So in this article, we will tell you how BANPAN works and how you can get hackers out of the game by reviewing the video.

Official 'Investigators Assemble Event in Pubg Mobile


PUBG MOBILE BANPAN is a security system and video review is a new feature that has been added. After reviewing the video by the PUBG Mobile's Investigator Team, whatever suspicious player will be there, you can report it to the PUBG Mobile official so that the clean environment remains in the game.

What is the PUBG Mobile review process?

  • First of all, if the player feels that some suspicious activity is happening in the game, then he will report for that player.
  • After this a battle replay video will be generated from the perspective of that particular player.
  • That video will be distributed among multiple investigators and the investigators will analyze that video.
  • If that video has to be confirmed by a lot of investigators that there has been violence in the game, then the official team of PUBG Mobile will review that video.
  • If the official team confirms that there has been a violation in the game, then the account of the particular players will be banned.

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