PUBG Mobile RPM2 Event : Chance to win Royale Pass Elite upgrade card

PUBG Mobile recently hosted an event on its social media accounts called "PUBG Mobile RPM2 Event". Every player of PUBG Mobile can participate in this event very easily. This event will run from August 10th to August 13th and will be announced. There will be a total of 20 winners in this event and each winner will get a Royale Pass Elite upgrade card. PUBG Mobile keeps on bringing some new events daily to woo its players so that the interest of the players in the game is always maintained and only then the daily users are increasing with PUBG Mobile. So let us tell you today in this article how to enter the PUBG Mobile RPM2 event.

How to Participate in PUBG Mobile RPM2 Event?

To participate in the PUBG Mobile RPM2 event, you have to watch the Royale Pass Feature video released by PUBG Mobile and share it as much as possible. The most important thing is that you have to comment in the comment box below the video that which reward you want to see in RPM2. You have to tag your squadmates using the event hashtags #PUBGMRPM. After doing all these steps, you will be entered into the PUBG Mobile RPM2 event.

PUBG Mobile RPM2 Event Rules and Pricing?

  • Total of 20 winners will be selected from the event.
  • Every winner will get a Royale Pass Elite upgrade card.
  • Winners will be selected randomly by the community team of PUBG Mobile.
  • If the PUBG Mobile community team believes that the same player is participating in the event using multiple accounts, then all those players will be excluded from all upcoming events of the game.
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