Google Pixel 5a - Envisioned to be the Best Android Smartphone

Google’s Pixel phones have acquired widespread popularity for their outstanding features. Be it camera quality or performance, and this Android device is hard to compete with. Google has deployed advanced technology in Pixel phones to improve the user experience. Moreover, the Pixel phones are light-weighted and come with expandable storage capacity. Even this Google product is widely known for containing high-quality cameras. And, Google has also included these high-end features in Pixel 5a. 

Google Pixel 5a is about to roll out on August 26 in the global market. Though, many users claimed that the Pixel 5a and 5 share the same features. But, Google has revamped the design of this Pixel 5a to elevate the Android user’s expectations. Moreover, Pixel 5a has a comparatively larger display than Pixel 5. 

Google Pixel 5a lasts longer than Pixel 5. But, Google has integrated the same processor in the Pixel 5a and 5. Along with this, both of these Pixel 5 series phones have the same camera quality. Do you want to know more about this affordable 5G smartphone? Here, we have compiled a list of features that you might expect to have in Pixel 5a:

1. Get a Compact-Sized Display with an OLED Screen!

Google has included a 6.34-inch display in the Pixel 5a. This means its screen size is 0.34-inch more compared to Pixel 5. Additionally, Pixel 5a features an incredible OLED screen. It aids in increasing the device’s battery longevity. 

With this sort of screen, the users can stream online movies without any eye fatigue. Even Pixel 5a’s OLED screen has a high fresh rate which will be ideal for playing games, like Among Us and Fortnite. Contact a Mobile repair Dubai expert if you are unable to configure it after buying. 

Do you want to play the recently released games like Nier Reincarnation or Everdale? In Google Pixel 5a, these games can run at a 60Hz refresh rate. Moreover, Google Pixel 5a comes with an incredible screen orientation mode. Pixel 5a’s screen will automatically get rotated while viewing from different angles. Google has added this feature for offering a better viewing experience. 

What Else is there in Google Pixel 5a's Display?

According to the experts, Pixel 5a offers more colour accuracy than iPhone SE. Additionally, you get 119.3% of standard RGB in this Google Android smartphone. Do you want to know the percentage of the DCI-P3 colour gamut of this Pixel 5 series phone? It's 84.5%, and that's amazing, right? With such a high DCI-P3 rate, you can watch HDR content without facing saturation issues. 

Is there an Adaptive Brightness Feature in Pixel 5a? 

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to use a phone when its screen is exposed to the sunlight. But, in Google Pixel 5a, you can see what’s on the screen in sunlight. You need to activate the “Adaptive Brightness” feature for that. Though, this feature uses AI and gets automatically enabled when there is too much light. But, sometimes, this feature might not work. In certain instances, go to the screen settings and toggle this option on. 

2. Design — Sturdy, Stylish & Unique

Google Pixel 5a 's incredible design will help it to stand out from the competition. Though, this 5G smartphone is currently available in one colour. But, Pixel 5a might come in different colour schemes later this year. Pixel 5a’s ultra-black texture is worth praising. It also has a large mint-coloured and super-responsive power button. 

Google Pixel 5a comes with an outstanding water-resistant capacity. But, it can’t resist fingerprints/scratches. Also, it can be difficult to clean those marks from the polycarbonate case. So, it's recommended to attach a back cover to protect the device from unwanted spots.

Will there be any Fingerprint Technology in Pixel 5a? 

Yes! Google has added a fingerprint scanner in this first A series of Pixel. And, the sensor size is almost the same as the Google Pixel 5. It will unlock the device smoothly without causing any issues. But, make sure to check there aren’t any dirt or dust particles on the fingerprint sensor. Or else, this technology won’t detect the fingerprint. 

What About its Headphone and Audio Ports?

There is a 3.55 mm headphone port in Google Pixel 5a. You can connect Bluetooth headsets to this Android device. Additionally, users get high-quality audio speakers in this smartphone. And, the audio clarity of Pixel 5a’s audio ports is excellent. It’s impossible to find such an epic sound quality in such a price range. 

3. Top-tier Cameras with Amazing Picture Quality!

If you are looking for an Android phone with a 16MP rear camera, Pixel 5a is the right choice. Moreover, it has a 12.2MP ultra-wide and 8MP front-facing camera. Google Pixel 5a can be the go-to device for professional photographers. It helps to capture high-resolution pictures and videos. Furthermore, there are different camera modes in Pixel 5a. Use the “Portrait” mode to capture vibrant pictures. 

You can even click quality pictures in low or no light. Make sure to turn on the “Night Sight” feature. Need to know more about its camera features? You have to wait for a few days to explore Pixel 5a’s remarkable camera options. 

4. Delivers Power-Pack Performance with High-Range Processors!

Google Pixel 5a is armed with a Snapdragon 765G processor. And, with this processor, you can do more than just web surfing. Google might include its manufactured in-built chip in the Pixel 6. Additionally, users get 6GB of internal memory in this Google smartphone. You can expand the storage capacity by installing a 128GB memory card in future. Moreover, in Pixel 5a, there won’t be any hurdle playing both intensive and light games. But, make sure to change the graphics setting to avoid overheating issues. 

While switching from one app to another, this phone doesn't slow down its performance. However, you might face compatibility issues while downloading certain apps. If you are facing such a problem, contact an Android phone repair expert. 

5. Long-lasting Battery Life and Super-fast Charging

Google Pixel 5a features a 4,680 mAh battery which can last more than two days. Whereas, Pixel 5 can last only for one day on a single charge. But, there is a downside of Pixel 5a’s battery — it can’t hold sufficient charge. 

Experts found out that its battery drains rapidly while playing games. Though, Google did not state anything about the approximate charging time. But, it can be assumed that this Google smartphone takes less than 3 hours to charge completely. 

What are the Other Notable Features of Google Pixel 5a? 

The Pixel 5a is coming with the latest Android 11 version software. And, this means, this Android phone might have a built-in screen recorder. You might expect to have a dark theme in this Google smartphone. Moreover, Google Pixel 5a will give you the option to pin your favourite apps easily. You can even restrict the unwanted app permission in this upcoming smartphone. And, users get a better media control feature in this device software.

You can reply to the messages from the notification without opening the app. Additionally, there will be an option to turn off the notification sound in Pixel 5a. Get better device accessibility by enabling the “Voice Access” feature. So, buy this Google smartphone and uncover infinite possibilities.

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