India to build state-of-the-art deep sea vessel

India is going to start building a high-tech research ship in the deep sea. The cost of this ship will be around Rs 1,200 crore. This multipurpose ship will increase India's capabilities at sea, as well as India will be able to actively cooperate in international rescue operations.

According to official sources, such a state-of-the-art ship capable of working in the deep sea will be made for the first time in the country. It will be a symbol of our modern shipbuilding capability. This ship will be built in India under the Make in India campaign of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Most of the equipment in this will also be made in India. The ship will have to be ready and delivered within three years after the order for construction is given. The shipbuilding yard is not yet ready for its construction but the construction work is expected to start in March 2022. This information has been given by the Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences, M Ravichandran.

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