Preparations are being made to make the sequel of War film

Ever since the release of the highest-grossing Hindi film of the year 2019, there was a lot of discussion about it becoming a sequel film. Now the director of this film Siddharth Anand has confirmed the sequel of this film starring Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff. War released on Saturday, on this occasion Siddharth said, 'We knew that if War is successful at the box office then we will make its sequel.

Me and the producer of the film Aditya Chopra also discussed some things about taking the story forward. Hopefully we will start working on it from next year. Making War 2 is a big responsibility and only after the situation becomes normal, we can proceed on it. We are yet to think about whether Hrithik and Tiger will play agents in the sequel film as well. Hrithik and Tiger also shared their memories of War on Instagram.

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