PUBG Mobile Lite WP Season 29 rewards announced: Check the complete list here

PUBG Mobile Lite developers have released the Season 29 Monthly Winner Pass in which colorful outfits, weapon skins, and many more rewards will be given to the players for achieving the rank. Players buy the winner pass according to their requirement, whose price has also been announced. PUBG Mobile Lite is a very cool battle royale game that is suitable for flame-end devices and players can enjoy the battle royale game even on devices with up to 1GB of RAM.

The developers of PUBG Mobile Lite release Monthly Winner Passes, in which many items are also released and each item can be purchased by the player using the in-game currency. There are 2 types of winner passes available in PUBG Mobile Lite, in which the first is Elite Winner Pass and the second is Elite Upgrade Plus and the cost of each winner pass is different which is given below.

Elite Upgrade Winner Pass Cost - 280 Battle Coins (BC)

Elite Upgrade Plus WP Cost - 800 Battle Coins (BC)

PUBG Mobile Lite Season Winner Pass (WP) Rewards

Rank 1: On achieving Winner Pass Rank 1, players get a tremendous outfit which has been named "Vibrant Youth Set".

Rank 5: Winner Pass Achiever Rank 5, players will get a hat which is called Heavenly Cadence Hat.

Rank 10: On reaching Winner Pass Rank 10, players will get Time Traveler Pan skin as a reward.

Rank 15: Players at rank 15 of PUBG Mobile Lite Season 29 will be given Recyclable Backpack skin as a reward.

Rank 20: Upon reaching Season 29 winner pass rank 20, players will get a legendary outfit called the Heavenly Cadence Set.

Rank 25: Upon reaching Season 29 winner pass rank 25, PUBG Mobile Lite players will get a Dacia skin reward called Gemstudded Dacia. 

Rank 30: The Rank 30 reward in Winner Pass season 29 of PUBG Mobile Lite is a Kar98K skin. The skin is also called the Heavenly Cadence Kar98K.

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