Now NASA will send astronauts to the moon again in 2025 from The New York Times

The US space agency NASA on Tuesday extended by a year the mission to send the country's astronauts to the moon once again. It was decided to launch the mission in the year 2024 during the tenure of former President Donald Trump. Bill Nelson, a former Florida senator and NASA administrator who was appointed by President Joe Biden earlier in the year, said, "The year 2025 may also take some time." 

He attributed the delay in the project to litigation with SpaceX over the Moon lander and delays in the construction of NASA's Orion capsule. "We've wasted nearly seven months in litigation," Nelson said. Because of this, the campaign cannot be launched before the year 2025. We'll have a detailed talk with SpaceX so we can set a clear timeline. December 2022 will mark 50 years since the last astronaut stepped on the moon. After the return of the Apollo 17 mission in 1972, NASA focused on other goals. But, in between, discussions on the Moon mission continued.

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