Duck plays Hide & Seek with Tiger in a viral video, see who won

Have you ever seen birds and animals playing with each other in the popular game Hide & Seek? If your answer is no, then today we are going to show you a similar video in which a Duck is playing Hide & Seek in water with Tiger. This video is becoming fiercely viral on social media, so far it has got more than 2 lakh views.

In this video that went viral, Duck and Tiger are seen in the water and as soon as Tiger reaches near Duck to catch him, the Duck becomes silent in the water and comes out from another location. It is visible from this 46-second video that Tiger is upset by this attitude of Duck and tries hard to catch him but has not been successful. Users have also made very funny comments on this video shared on Twitter. A Twitter user wrote in the comment "The dangerous hide and seek ever. I'm kinda wanna know if the duck made it though" Whereas another user has commented, "The tiger doesn't play with his food, his food plays with him".

Watch the viral video in which Duck plays hide & seek with Tiger in the water

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