A Heron bidding farwell to its feeder from home to funeral place, watch the heart-touching video

Recently a video of Rajasthan went viral in which a peacock went to the funeral of his companion. Just now a video of a similar relationship from Alwar has come out which will make you sad and this video is of a heron's love for its feeder Motilal. An 80-year-old Motilal living in Alwar dies because of paralysis and when the preparations for his funeral were going on, a heron came and sat on his Funeral bier. When the funeral procession reached the crematorium, the heron reached there too.

After performing the last rites of the elderly, when everyone came back home, the heron remained sitting in the crematorium. When the heron was at home, paint was thrown on its body to make it fly away, yet he remained sitting there and after that, the heron reached the crematorium, people came to know after seeing the color thrown on its body that it was the same heron who was sitting at home. Some of the people who came there shot this video in their cameras. Later the people of the village came to know that Motilal was very fond of birds and he used to feed them daily. Due to this, a different relationship was formed between him and Birds.

Heron bidding farwell to its feeder from home to funeral place
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