GIRL pushed the BEAR off the wall to Protect Dogs, watch the shocking video

Have you ever seen a person fighting with a bear? We know that your answer will be no because Bear is a very powerful animal and it is impossible to stand in front of him but a video is becoming fiercely viral on social media in which a 17-year-old girl pushes hard Bear to protect her dogs after that the animal runs away in fear.

This video of the brave girl has been posted on a YouTube channel named "NBC News" and in this video, a bear comes to someone's house in the residential area and stands on the wall of the garden. In this, the dogs of the house start barking loudly after seeing the bear and trying to attack the bear but the dogs fail to drive the bear out of the house. After seeing this, the 17 years old girl comes out of the house and bravely pushes the Bear hard. After pushing, Bear falls down the wall and then runs away. In an interview given to the TV channel, the girl said that she did all this to protect her dogs. This video going viral on social media has been taken from the security camera of the house.

Girl pushes the bear hard to protect her dogs, watch the video below

Girl Fights Off Bear To Protect Dogs
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