OMG! Viral video of a driver makes impossible U-turn in hilly areas, watch here

Social media is a platform where different funny and shocking videos are seen and nowadays a video of a driver is becoming fiercely viral on social media after watching it you will be surprised to see the driving skills. In the video, a driver can be seen making an impossible U-turn on a narrow road in the Hilly area, leaving the Internet awestruck. This video of the driver is 'Dr. Ajayita' Twitter account in which a blue-colored driver can be seen slowly making a U-turn as the driver carefully inches the vehicle to its back while making sure it does not fall down the cliff on his left. 

By watching this video of 1 minute 22 seconds it seems that the driver will not be able to take the U-turn and the car will fall into the gorge at any time but the driver of the car takes a very slow U-turn and becomes successful to turn the car at the end.  This video has been seen by more than 1.4 million Twitter users so far and Twitter users are giving different feedback on this video. One user wrote, "Oh boy the stress level of mine was so high while watching this!".

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