This man tries to hit Camel in a viral video, gets instant justice

A video is going viral on social media in which a man is seen hitting a camel without any reason. This video has been shared by an Indian Forest Officer on his Twitter account and the caption of the video reads "Karma". This video has got more than 80000 views, 5000 likes, and 555 retweets so far.

In this video that went viral on social media, Camel is seen walking on the road while a few men were passing by. In this, a man tries to hit Camel with a stick without any reason but Camel hits his leg very hard on the man's legs and the man got instant karma. All the men walking there get away from the camel due to fear. This 3-second video is becoming fiercely viral on social media and Twitter users have also given their different opinions on this video. One user has written "Dun disturb them they dun harm u" while another user has written "Instant Justice".

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