Viral video of a homeless man Celebrates his Pet Dog’s Birthday, this will bring smile on your face

Social media is such a platform on which we get to see viral videos, some of which are heart touching and we are shocked to see some videos. Today we have come up with such a heart-touching video that will bring a smile to your face and this video is of a homeless mind celebrating the birthday of its pet dog's. The video was posted on Instagram by user @roteloperiodismo.

In this video that went viral, a homeless man buys two birthday caps and a cake to celebrate the birthday of both his dogs. Before cutting the cake, he caps the dogs and blows the candles after putting them on the cake and proceeds to sing 'Happy Birthday'. After giving them both a kiss, he cuts the cake and serves them a slice each. More than 593,000 people have seen this video so far and everyone is getting emotional after watching this video. One Instagram user said, "Man's Best Friend... more loyal than humans. they don't judge or measure."

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