PUBG Mobile Lite WP Season 34 end date and time is finally here

PUBG Mobile Lite developers bring a new winner pass for their players every month and in March 2022 the new winner pass 34 of the game has been released in which players will be given different rewards for achieving each rank. In PUBG Mobile Lite Season 34 [Players can buy one of two variants which the first is Elite Upgrade which costs 280 Battle Coins and the second is Elite Upgrade Plus which costs 800 Battle Coins.

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 34 will run for the entire month of March and in April the new season 35 of the game will start and if we talk about the end of WP season 34, then according to the in-game WP section, the current season of the game will end on 30 March and the WP section will be locked after the end of the current season, and users will have to wait for the next Winner Pass, ie, Season 35, to commence in the game on April 1. The expected time for its start would be 2 AM UTC, ie, 7:30 AM IST. You can check the rewards of PUBG Mobile Lite Season 34 below:-

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 34 Rewards 

  • WP Rank 1: 500 BP
  • WP Rank 2: 50 Silver
  • WP Rank 3: 2x EXP Card: 1 Hour
  • WP Rank 5: Park Ranger Cap
  • WP Rank 7: 2x BP Card: 1 Hour
  • WP Rank 9: 65 Silver
  • WP Rank 10: Mission Card (Season 34)
  • WP Rank 12: 65 Silver
  • WP Rank 14: 2x EXP Card: 1 Hour
  • WP Rank 15: Tortoise vs. Bunny Parachute
  • WP Rank 17: 120 Silver

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