Adorable video of a cub trying to scare its mother and the epic reaction of her is must watch, watch now

Whether it is human or animal, we get to see the love of a mother for her children everywhere and a mother can go to any extent to protect her children. Today we have brought you a video of a Lioness and her cub which will bring a smile to your face. This video is going viral on social media, in which it can be seen that the cub is standing inside the cave of a zoo and its mother is standing outside and eating something. Cub jumps out of the cave at once and tries to scare its mother and then the reaction of the mother after that will makes you smile. As the cub jumps out, her mother reacts as if she is very scared and lies down on the floor.

This video of his mother is becoming very viral on social media and it is being shared fiercely on the internet. This video has been shared on the 'animallovevibe' Instagram page and while sharing the video it is written in the caption "The way she pretended to be scared." This video has been liked by 381,106 users so far and users share their different photos and videos." Commenting a user wrote, "You see the baby jump a lil after he scared his mom like she scared him being scared."

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