Kids Immersed in science

The volcano’s crater was bright red and soon its steamy innards spouted out and up to the sky, but no one ran for cover to avoid being liquified by molten lava.

Perhaps that was because this particular volcano stood only 3 feet tall — on a good day — and was positioned in the front circle of the main entrance of Shenendehowa’s High School East for Science and Health Discovery Night.

Once inside, children and their parents made their way from booth to booth. It was an evening of excitement and learning.

Curiosity was satisfied.

Various shells of the sea were inspected.

At times, the recent Science and Health Discovery Night at Shenendehowa High School East was a little shocking.

Kids tested whether objects would sink or float.

Kids learned the finer points of constructing paper airplanes.

Posture was tested.

Kids put their ability to balance to the test.

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