America: Students become headache in coastal cities

College holidays in the spring season in America create an atmosphere of chaos in many places. Thousands of students flock to the seaside towns of the South every year. According to the trade group Airlines for America, 2.6 million Americans are estimated to travel by plane every day in March and April. Many people in Miami Beach are upset over spring break. On March 19, the mayor was forced to impose a midnight curfew after two shooting incidents.

College students tend to spend less money as compared to other tourists. They stay in cheap rented rooms. Drink cheap wine. Create ruckus after drinking. Youth who are not college students commit more serious crimes. Pistols, revolvers are taken out in parties. Of the 800 people arrested over spring break last year, nearly half came from towns surrounding Miami Beach. Some were from out of state Florida. In the first three weeks of March this year, the police arrested 322 people and recovered 70 guns. More than 400 police officers are working day and night on Miami Beach to keep an eye on the crowd.

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Glaber says every beach town in the state of Florida wants to get rid of the holiday crowds. When beach parties are banned in cities, people do parties on cruises in the sea. Because of this, the police keep an eye on such cruises with a speed boat. The city of Fort Lauderdale hosted Spring Break for the first time in the 1960s. The city was the first to ban it. Crowds started gathering for the holiday in the mid-1980s.

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