Bangladesh: Ahmadiyya Mosque, 190 houses and 50 shops burnt, 2 killed

With less than a year left for general elections in Bangladesh, incidents of attacks on minorities are on the rise. Two youths were killed and over 100 injured in an attack by radical Muslim organizations against the minority Ahmadiyya community in Panchgarh district of northern Bangladesh. The name of one of the slain youths has been mentioned as Zahid Hasan (23). The fanatics torched 190 houses and 50 shops belonging to the same community, including the Ahmadiyya Mosque. The International Human Rights Committee (IHRC) has issued an alert claiming that fundamentalists have planned major attacks on Ahmadiyya-dominated Nasirabad, Kafuria and Islamganj on Friday.

Protest against the prom: Muslim fundamentalists were opposing the annual prom of the Ahmadiyya community. In Panchgarh, a group of fundamentalists attacked the venue of the procession and killed Zahid, a youth of the Ahmadiyya community, who was sitting there.

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