Company caught making fake sugar and vitamin medicine in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh

The recent discovery of a company manufacturing fake medicines in Nalagarh's industrial area has raised serious concerns about the safety and authenticity of pharmaceutical products in the region. The State Drug Department, Baddi, has done a commendable job in exposing this illegal operation and recovering a large quantity of illegal medicines worth about Rs 55 lakh.  

The recovered medicines were found to be sugar and vitamin supplements being sold under the name of Sikkim-made Mankind Pharma. The fact that these fake medicines were being sold under the name of a well-known and reputable company is particularly alarming and underscores the need for greater vigilance and regulation in the pharmaceutical industry.  

The State Drug Department Baddi acted swiftly on receiving secret information about this illegal operation and formed a team to raid the godown of a transport company located at RS Roadline Sai Road. The team discovered a huge stock of drugs that were to be sent to Delhi through transport.  It is important to note that the company responsible for manufacturing these fake medicines, Magnatech Enterprise, is operating illegally and is not authorized to manufacture or sell pharmaceutical products. This highlights the need for stricter regulations and enforcement measures to prevent such illegal operations from endangering public health and safety. 

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