Order for supply of 400 electric planes to American company

Here's my suggestion for improving the text:  In September 2022, a groundbreaking event took place in the field of aviation as a small electric passenger aircraft, named Plane Alice, completed its maiden flight. The eight-minute flight took off from a runway in the central US state of Washington and marked the culmination of seven years of engineering and research by the aviation company.  

According to the CEO of the company, Gregory Davis, the development of the Plane Alice was a significant challenge due to the limitations of aircraft design. Unlike cars, the structure of planes cannot be easily modified to accommodate the weight of batteries. However, the company was able to overcome this challenge and create an aircraft with a range of approximately 400 km.  

The successful maiden flight of Plane Alice has generated a lot of interest in the aviation industry, with orders worth Rs 40,000 crore already received from major customers such as Air New Zealand and DHL. This is a testament to the potential of electric aircraft to revolutionize the aviation industry and pave the way for a more sustainable future.  

The successful launch of Plane Alice is a significant milestone in the development of electric aircraft and represents a major step forward in the quest for more sustainable and environmentally-friendly modes of transportation.

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