Second Alarm Log Cabin Fire

 NASH COUNTY – Shortly after 10:00 hours on Sunday, April 15th, Nash County 911 received a report for a dwelling on fire in the 3100 block of Womble Road in the Nashville section of Nash County.

Stations 14 (Nashville), 12 (Red Oak), 17 (Momeyer) and 7 (Castalia) were dispatched. Nashville unit 14 arrived first and reported fire showing on sides Charlie and Delta of a two-story log home.

Nashville Engine 141 arrived and led off with a 1.75-inch line and made entrance through the front door of the residence on Side Alpha.

They were driven out by the advancing fire and withdrew from the structure. A 2.5-inch line was stretched and another attack was started. After ten minutes, crews were forced to back out due to deteriorating conditions. Fire was now consuming half of the dwelling and was through the roof on the rear section.

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