Parties engaged in winning Senate from Georgia after spending 3700 crores

  • Democrats need to win both seats for the complete occupation of Parliament
  • Republicans gather to save their credibility and a majority in Senate
  • Currently in the Senate of 100 members: Republicans 50, Democrats 48

The election for the two seats of the Senate in the US of Georgia is being seen with a lot of money. Both parties can spend about 500 million dollars i.e. 3.7 thousand crores for mere publicity. For this, supporters are donating $ 500-500 in election wrath, while the rich leaders are giving hundreds of crores and buying TV time for campaigning.

All this is happening because a victory here will decide a majority of 100 members in the US Senate. Here Republican Senators David Pardu and Kelly Loeffler face Democrat candidates John Ossoff and Rafael Varnoch.

In two weeks, both parties have accumulated election funds of around Rs 940 crore. Since November 3, Varnoch has raised around Rs 300 crore so far, while Republicans raised 250 crores in the next 6 days of the election.

Kaili, one of the richest members of Congress, has spent Rs 171 crore on his election out of his pocket. The TV advertising rate of this election is also breaking records. On the ABC-linked Atlanta channel, a 30-second commercial on Thursday's prime time had to cost between Rs 30 lakh and Rs 1.70 crore. To run advertisements on TV for 9 weeks, TV time has been booked for about Rs 1200 crore.
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