Dogs are worshiped in Nepal on the second day of Deepawali

People of Nepal celebrate 'Kukur Tihar' as part of the five-day Diwali celebrations. It is celebrated on the second day of Diwali, in which dogs are worshiped and fed with food. He is honored by wearing a flower garland. The festival focuses on the relationship between humans and dogs. 'Kukur Tihar' is celebrated with great pomp in Nepal.

The five-day festival defines the relationship between man and creature. According to Nepalese traditions, the five-day festival celebrates 'Kag Tihar' on the first day and 'Kukur Tihar' on the second day. Kukur Tihar celebrates the second day of Deepawali.

Crows are worshiped in 'Kag Tihar'. 'Kag Tihar' is considered a symbol of sorrow and despair in Nepal. In this, people put dishes and sweets in front of the houses, so that the crows eat and give blessings. 'Kag Tihar' is followed by 'Kukur Tihar' the next day. Pet and stray dogs are worshiped, on this day, dogs are decorated and made with favorite food with respect.
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