Two major changes coming to PUBG Mobile: Check now

PUBG Mobile has officially announced two major changes in the game. These changes are to provide smooth gaming experiences in the new season 16 of Pubg Mobile. Developers have been discussing and researching this matter carefully.
Get Lowest ping on nearby server

PUBG MOBILE - 11/15 Dev Log

The first important change is to restrict the ability of the player to switch servers from one to another. Once the server changes successfully initiated, players will not able to change again for the next 60 days. Players will not be able to switch servers while playing. Players who don’t confirm their regions will play on the region selected from the last season. It is recommended to choose the priority server before 17 November 2020 as the new season begins.

Game size reduce to 600MB

The second important change is the implementation of a lightweight installation on the Google platform. In the Google play store, the Pubg mobile installer size drop over 60%, means will be reduced from 1.9 GB to 600 MB. We hope that a more flexible and low impact installation feature could allow players to experience their own classic Battle Royale gameplay on PUBG MOBILE!
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